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TPL eLibrary

Dear Parents of TSD Students,


We are excited to announce that Troy School District is partnering with the Troy Public Library to provide students with eLibrary cards! This e-card initiative will provide important resources for students that can be used in conjunction with school assignments and coursework.


The summer cutoff date to receive an eLibrary card is June 5th so please make sure to sign up before then!


What is an eLibrary Card?

An eLibrary card provides access to all of the electronic resources available through Troy Public Library. This includes eBooks, authoritative information for all levels of student research, global studies, worldwide news and much more!

(Please see the end of this letter for a "featured resources" list put together by our Media Specialists, as well as a link to all databases available within this program)


How is this eLibrary card different from their normal Troy Public Library Card?

  • It uses the TPL library code (212739) plus student's school student ID number as their login to the eLibrary system
  • It only provides access to the library's electronic content, it cannot be used to check out materials at the library
  • It does not have to be renewed as long as they are a student in the Troy School District


Why do you need parent approval to give an eLibrary card to my child?

The District takes student privacy very seriously and wants to ensure parents agree to use of their child's student ID as their eLibrary card login. Local libraries have seen great success with other school districts with use of the student ID as their login since students easily remember it.

  • This program uses the school student ID number as their login
  • The District has a privacy agreement in place with the library to ensure the safety of our students’ data which allows it to only be used for login to this system
  • The library has much more content available than our school library and uses different filtering system
  • Since this is a District partnership, the District's Acceptable Use Policy and Student Code of Conduct apply to the use of these resources, just like they do with any resource provided by Troy School District


How do I give permission to allow use of my student’s ID to participate in this program?

Parents need to login to Home Access Center (HAC) and give their permission. Instructions are listed above.  Student accounts should be activated within 1-2 weeks of permission being provided in HAC.


What if I want my child to gain access to this great content but do not want to allow use of their student ID?

Parents can go directly to the library and sign their child up for a normal library card instead of using this program.


Please note that eLibrary content is inaccessible using a regular library card if:

  • Fines are due
  • Books are overdue until they are returned
  • The card is expired until it’s renewed


This is a unique opportunity to partner with the Troy Public Library in order to bring students the very best and most current academic resources possible. Furthermore, it helps facilitate the development of lifelong learners within the Troy Community.


Therefore, we request that each parent thoughtfully consider allowing their child(ren) to participate in this important initiative. This initiative is available for all K-12 students within Troy Schools.



Troy School District