Costello Elementary School

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This is our school song - let’s go Costello - we have Integrity - Responsibility - show Perseverance - Respect for others - let’s go Cardinals - doing the right things - making good choices - treat others nicel-eeeee - improving all the time - learn from your mistakes - we are the Cardinals - Go Costello!

Keep Clipping Boxtops!

February 6th –17th
Box Tops Class Contest!

Bring in Box Tops and see which class gets the most!!!
Although clipping Box Tops can be a pain, it does pay
off!!! Thanks to you, and all of your efforts to cut, collect
and turn-in Box Tops!!!

During our last Box Tops collection, Costello Box Tops
clippers raised over $500!!!!!

Winning class gets a popsicle partay!!!