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Costello Elementary  |  Our History 

Mission Statement:

Costello Elementary will utilize best practices to increase achievement for all.

History of Costello Elementary School’s Namesake:  Frank Costello

Portrait of Mr. Frank Costello
Portrait of Mr. Frank Costello
Costello Elementary School was named on behalf of Frank Costello.
Mr. Costello was a successful businessman and a noted public servant in Troy township. He was a charter member of Station 2 of the Troy Fire Department, and served on the Charter Commission in 1955. This commission wrote the first city charter adopted when Troy Township became a home rule city in 1955.
Mr. Costello was the City of Troy’s first mayor from 1955-1959. Although he had no children of his own, Mr. Costello always had a soft spot for all children. He was an ardent supporter of the Colerain Elementary PTA (once located on the southeast corner of John R. & Long Lake - which is currently a strip mall.)
Mr. Costello was one of the people who worked for the consolidation of the Troy Schools because he felt it would offer Troy’s children an opportunity for a better education. He was a member of the Troy School Board from 1948-1956. Costello Elementary School was started in 1973.
This information came from Pathways of History Through Troy by Lois Lance.
Troy Historic Museum manager Lorraine Campbell assisted.